Our firm's ambition is to get the best solution to your rating issues - our team has strength in depth!

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For over 24 years we’ve helped clients across England and Wales make the best of the rate reduction opportunities available to them in the education and commercial sectors. Our focus is on adding value, reducing rates liabilities and keeping costs down, with a comprehensive and coordinated commercial surveying and education surveying service that looks after your needs.

Whether we’re dealing with business rate reductions, rent reviews or education property advice, we look at your property from a different angle. We’re not agents marketing buildings, so we take a completely independent view, from an occupier’s perspective. A key element of our service lies in seeing the bigger picture. We don’t look at your current property situation in isolation and offer a quick-fix solution; instead, we examine your potential future needs, and combine this with our years of experience in commercial property surveying to create a plan that works in the medium and long term - enabling you to get exactly where you want to be.

To find out more about The Beattie Partnership, or to engage our services, please call now on 0161 228 2224 and a member of our team will be glad to help.

Rates Reduction Case Studies

Key Rating Fact Sheet 2018/19

Click here to access our Key Rating Fact Sheet 2018/19

We have put this rating guide together to try and simplify the plethora of rating reliefs which seem to become ever longer each year!  These reliefs include an enhanced Small Business Rates Relief scheme incentives to pubs plus Enterprise Zones to regenerate areas.

The numerous reliefs are designed to help businesses but often they tend to overwhelm, or are not even known about!  In addition there are now different rating systems across England, Wales, Scotland and N Ireland with their own initiatives.

We hope you find this guide useful.

What our clients say

What our Clients say

"...an outstanding service and ultimately generated tremendous savings for our business: a true ROI for us."


Commercial surveying from the Beattie Partnership
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We specialise in

commercial and education

Commercial surveying and rates reduction for business and education

Commercial surveying is just one of many of the commercial property advice services offered by The Beattie Partnership. As well as commercial rates reduction, we offer education property services to reduce liability for schools. From commercial property acquisition to ongoing rates reviews, we can save our clients tens of thousands of pounds throughout the life cycles of their properties.

Our broad range of skills and wealth of experience means that whatever your organisation's situation, we can identify opportunities for reducing your commercial property rates, and then pursue these effectively on your behalf. In this industry, there really is no substitute for genuine expertise: our ability to see the bigger picture of any given case is what makes us different from other commercial property services.

Commercial property rates can make a huge difference to any organisation's bottom line, and The Beattie Partnership have achieved great results for all kinds of clients, so there really is nothing to lose. To find out more about our commercial and education property services, please explore our website further.