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We are pleased to announce that last April our firm was 24 years old and to celebrate this milestone we have developed our very own special logo. I hope you like it!

It’s amazing to think that when the business first started in 1994, there was just one large office with only Don [Beattie] and some furniture and it has built up from there. We now have a great team working across the country advising clients on rating and corporate property matters.

We provide a targeted service for the commercial and education sectors – our collective talent pool draws on over 350 years' experience, and over 800 clients across the UK serve to endorse our service.

We have a team of specially selected staff with years of experience in their relevant sector to serve the precise needs of the client. Rather than delegating down to less experienced graduates, our advice is provided by experienced professionals who can truly add a different dimension to our service delivery.

Buying, selling and occupying property can be a complex business with fluctuating market conditions, changing business rates, and numerous other practical, legal and financial considerations. Our combination of experience, tenacity and customer service makes the whole process straightforward.

To find out more please call us now on 0161 228 2224 and a member of our team will be pleased to assist.

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Case Study
Large Limited Company

Whether its usage is commercial or industrial, every property has a unique history that changes its potential rating valuation. The Beattie Partnership's experience covers a huge variety of properties, and equips us with an understanding of how the subtleties of a property's history can play a role in its future.

The unusual seven year rent review pattern of a specific industrial building posed a particular challenge for The Beattie Partnership. By examining the building's lease history, negotiating at length with the parties involved, and analysing comparable evidence, we secured a rent saving of £85,000 for the tenant.

For full details of the service we provided for this large Limited Company, please click here.

What our clients say

What our Clients say

"We have been impressed with the professional and friendly service we have received from the Beattie Partnership and with the money saved."



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