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Education Sector - What You Need to Know

Now that the 2017 Rating Revaluation has commenced you will undoubtedly have questions surrounding the new process, dealing with correspondence to the authorities and whether any savings can be obtained. 

We have therefore put this What You Need to Know guide to help answer some of your queries.

Many schools are valued according to building costs and prices are subject to significant volatility with international influencing factors, the cost of materials and labour plus specific trends within different sectors of the construction market.  Therefore, data needs to be handled with a degree of scepticism but it can be a useful pointer to market trends.

Independent schools will to some extent be influenced by general construction market trends, however, there will also be more localised factors which will influence their construction costs. 

As the negotiations with Valuation Office progress we can refine the budget forecasts for projected changes in liability over the forthcoming Revaluation period.  We do also occasionally update our Guide, so check back soon for our latest update.