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A clear focus bringing measurable results.

The Beattie Partnership was founded on the basis that corporate organisations have enough to handle, without having to face the many difficulties related to leasing premises. By focusing clearly on two main areas – corporate property and educational property in England and Wales – we have ensured that we remain at the forefront of our sector, staying abreast of changing market conditions and new legislation without ever spreading our expertise too thinly.

First and foremost, we're passionate about allowing our clients to save money. After all, why should you ever pay more than you need to for your premises or business rates? Simple; you shouldn't. It's our belief that every organisation deserves fair treatment when it comes to leasing, buying or moving between premises, and in the day-to-day running of things, such as in getting the lowest possible business rates. Commercial property in England and Wales is a specialist area, and so many businesses simply don't have time to look into ways to save money, which inevitably means they don't ever try.

The Beattie Partnership have worked for clients at the highest levels of the commercial world, including a leading UK bank, a national press company and global service businesses. Our meticulous attention to detail has ensured such savings as £225,000 on business rates, lease re-gearing in the City of London with a saving of £500,000, and the exit from a property with no dilapidations whatsoever.

By engaging our services, you can relax, confident in the knowledge that we'll work behind the scenes to help you save money on an immediate as well as an ongoing basis. This might involve simply completing some paperwork in a more efficient way, but could extend to a thorough investigation of the history of your premises and a process of negotiation with the appropriate authorities so as to get you lower business rates or a reduction on fees.

Benefits that speak for themselves

It's all a question of value. When you leave your commercial property matters to the professionals, you'll be receiving a service that's efficient and motivated, delivered by a dedicated team of skilled surveyors. You'll know that contracts, agreements and other documents relating to your company's premises are being scrutinised and analysed in great detail. Any opportunities for savings will present themselves as a natural consequence of our approach. And if you ever need us to, we'll stand your ground with uncompromising negotiation skills that ensure your needs are always a priority.

Click here to access a diagram of the typical life cycle of a commercial property, with information on the services The Beattie Partnership can offer at each stage.

Case Studies

Distribution Warehouses, Liverpool

The rateable values of all non-domestic properties in England and Wales are reassessed every five years – this change can have significant financial impact on all kinds of businesses. Regional distribution warehouses are particularly affected by such reassessments, as their large size usually puts them at odds with other sites in the locality. Their proximity to the local transport network is also a deciding factor.

The Beattie Partnership's experienced surveyors took on the case of a set of distribution warehouses in Liverpool. It became apparent that the valuation had been affected by a number of factors: in many such cases, a lack of rental evidence – due to many sites being freehold – can have a huge impact. By thoroughly researching the site itself, as well as variances in the local area, we were able to challenge the initial rating and achieve a saving of £145,000.

For full details of the service we provided for this client, please click here.

Business Centres

When dealing with the business rates for business centres and serviced offices, it helps to understand the history behind a building's letting history and the circumstances that gave rise to the letting within the economic cycle.  As can be noted from the successful case outcome here, the location of the business centre in relation to the central business district and key transport routes could also be a factor.

In this case, we were able to demonstrate that a business centre is a different mode and category of occupation.  Although this sounds rather technical, it could have wide implications for other business centres and even alternative businesses, for example, where the rent is lower than the prevailing tone for that area, but the landlord appreciates they are needed as a part of a balanced tenant mix.

For more details of the impact of this case, please click here.

Rhode Island Coffee

A key element in enabling The Beattie Partnership to effectively evaluate a property lies in comparing it to similar premises in the locality: by looking at equivalent premises, we can often get a head-start in our task. In the case of cafes, however, this is so often not possible, as it is rare to find several such businesses in close proximity to one another.

When Rhode Island Coffee asked us to review their property portfolio, we were faced with this very same challenge. However, by drawing upon our enormous collective experience – which has enabled us to identify considerable savings for a huge variety of clients – we were able to gain a real insight into the challenges facing Rhode Island Coffee and secure total actual savings of over £42,000.

Click here for a pdf containing more details of the success we obtained for Rhode Island Coffee.

Old Thorns Hotel, Hampshire

Leisure accommodation is typically valued for business rates purposes based on a Receipts (turnover) basis.  Our specialist rating valuers who work extensively in this sector analysed the accounts compared with the hypothetical occupier and discussed additonal reductions in the assessment due to their comprehensive redevelopment programme.

Savings through the rating list period exceeded £60,000 during the Rating List.

Click here for a pdf containing more details of the success we obtained for Old Thorns Hotel.

Pareto Law, Cheshire

Pareto operate a successful business within Sales Recruitment, Sales Training, Executive Recruitment and Sales Development.  Some of their business activity involves residential courses and this created an interesting rating dynamic with a modern office aligned with domestic/hotel style accommodation. 

Our team appealed the rating assessment for the head office site, analysed the best methodology and successfully negotiated savings of £75,000. 

Click here for a pdf containing more details of the success we obtained for Pareto Law.

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