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Estate management where no detail is overlooked

The management of large estates is a complex and continuous process which can create numerous challenges for owners and managers alike. The tension between residential, agricultural and commercial properties - not to mention their various associated tenancy agreements - is like nothing else in the property management world.

The ever-changing legislation in this unique property environment is fraught with potential snares designed to capture increasing amounts of tax from unwary owners, so it’s essential that you’re always several steps ahead of the game. (Who wants to pay more tax than they need to?) And this is where The Beattie Partnership can help you. Far from simply trying to work harder at managing an estate and its various components, we see the infrastructure of an estate as being rich in opportunities to enhance revenue and save money on costs.

Estate management and rates reduction from the Beattie Partnership

A truly bespoke estate management service

We look at every estate as an individual situation, and implement a policy of active management - not just of the tenancy of each separate property, but the ways in which the users and uses of the land interact with one another. If they’re all working together more efficiently, profits and savings invariably follow. The issues surrounding council tax and business rates are second nature to us, so we can make sure your estate works as hard as it possibly can on your behalf.

With a wealth of experience on our side, we’ve successfully challenged the basis of valuation for many estates across England and Wales, saving our clients hundreds of thousands of pounds - every penny of which finds its way to the bottom line. Our tailored service, meanwhile, is sympathetic to the overall plan and long-term strategy of the estate, so you’ll always be sure that the changes we implement will work in harmony with what you want to achieve. If any concerns arise along the way, we’ll answer them in plain English, so every element of the process is transparent.

Of course, our estate management service doesn’t stop there. We understand the long-term nature of running an estate, so even after we’ve put time-saving and profit-increasing measures in place, we’ll stay on the ball, using bespoke software to ensure that when anything needs to be actioned in future, it’ll take care of itself. After all, we know you can’t place a value on peace of mind.

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