Commercial surveying services from the Beattie Partnership

Rent Reviews

The process of moving into a property generally follows the same lines. You sign a lease which covers a set time period, and as part of this agreement the rent is usually reviewed at certain times (and you can pretty much rely on it being reviewed upwards). The amount of rent you're charged – either when there's a rent review, or when you want to review the lease – is based on an interpretation of the original agreement, as well as current landlord and tenant legislation. In order to establish the correct level of rent, it's essential that you understand the market and the position of the property within the market.

An active approach to negotiations, for both landlords and tenants, means that The Beattie Partnership are always up to speed on how to achieve excellent results. We are passionate about negotiating the best level of rent for our clients, with a thorough understanding of law and precedent that ensures you're getting the best deal.