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The 2017 Rating Revaluation process has commenced, with everyone having to deal with the new Check, Challenege Appeal process!

To help you understand the proposed changes, we have put together a rating booklet, 'What You Need To Know' which can be downloaded, by clicking here.

You may be aware the Government delayed the Rating Revaluation by 2 years until April 2017, so this was much anticipated.  There has also been a wider review of the rating system by the Government and the intentions are to reduce this revaluation by one year, now finishing in 2021, followed by 3 yearly revaluations.

The delayed Revaluation had significant implications for many organisations, many of whom were likely to be expecting their rates to reduce if the revaluation had occurred in 2015, as it would have based on values in 2013, however, he current revaluation is based on rental values in 2015 so there are many winners and losers folllwing the changes.

The Government’s new appeals has faced considerable frustrations, however, the Valuation Office are slowly making improvements.  If you wish to discuss the implications for your rates bill over the coming years, please contact our office or email us and one of our team will be happy to discuss with you.

A summary of the different sections of our rating advice is shown in the sub-sections in the left side look up.  We look forward to being of assistance to you.

Case Studies

Business Centres

When dealing with the business rates for business centres and serviced offices, it helps to understand the history behind a building's letting history and the circumstances that gave rise to the letting within the economic cycle.  As can be noted from the successful case outcome here, the location of the business centre in relation to the central business district and key transport routes could also be a factor.

In this case, we were able to demonstrate that a business centre is a different mode and category of occupation.  Although this sounds rather technical, it could have wide implications for other business centres and even alternative businesses, for example, where the rent is lower than the prevailing tone for that area, but the landlord appreciates they are needed as a part of a balanced tenant mix.

For more details of the impact of this case, please click here.

Fairley House School, London

Dealing with the business rating for Fairley House School required specific expertise of handling schools with children with special needs.  We have worked with the school for many years and have achieved consistent savings from an understanding of the rating legislation surrounding specific learning difficulties.

Savings for educational property are negotiated from a variety of different perspectives and not necessarly from conventional valuation methodologies.  Through our experience of working across the education sector, we have often identifed alternative routes to savings for our clients.  We have worked on all sites for the school resulting is total savings exceeding £35,000.

Click here for a pdf containing more details of the success we obtained for Fairley House School.

Ramillies Hall School, Cheshire

Our firm have acted for Ramillies for a number of years and as the School itself has adapted over time, so has our rating advice.  For each revaluation, we appealed the rating assessment to reduce the schools ongoing rating liabilities.

We reviewed each part of the School site to establish which buildings could be exempted during the 2005 and 2010 revaluation periods and collated a full breakdown of the pupils and any specific learning difficulties.  The total savings during the revaluations amounted to over £53,000.

Click here for a pdf containing more details of the success we obtained for Ramillies Hall School.

Old Thorns Hotel, Hampshire

Leisure accommodation is typically valued for business rates purposes based on a Receipts (turnover) basis.  Our specialist rating valuers who work extensively in this sector analysed the accounts compared with the hypothetical occupier and discussed additonal reductions in the assessment due to their comprehensive redevelopment programme.

Savings through the rating list period exceeded £60,000 during the Rating List.

Click here for a pdf containing more details of the success we obtained for Old Thorns Hotel.

Pareto Law, Cheshire

Pareto operate a successful business within Sales Recruitment, Sales Training, Executive Recruitment and Sales Development.  Some of their business activity involves residential courses and this created an interesting rating dynamic with a modern office aligned with domestic/hotel style accommodation. 

Our team appealed the rating assessment for the head office site, analysed the best methodology and successfully negotiated savings of £75,000. 

Click here for a pdf containing more details of the success we obtained for Pareto Law.

Key Rating Fact Sheet 2018/19

Click here to access our Key Rating Fact Sheet 2018/19

We have put this rating guide together to try and simplify the plethora of rating reliefs which seem to become ever longer each year!  These reliefs include an enhanced Small Business Rates Relief scheme incentives to pubs plus Enterprise Zones to regenerate areas.

The numerous reliefs are designed to help businesses but often they tend to overwhelm, or are not even known about!  In addition there are now different rating systems across England, Wales, Scotland and N Ireland with their own initiatives.

We hope you find this guide useful.