Commercial surveying services from the Beattie Partnership

Rating Appeals

Business rates are paid by almost all non-domestic occupiers throughout the country and are a charge for simply being in your premises. The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) is a central government organisation as well as part of the Inland Revenue, and uses a wide range of property information to establish just how much your business rates should be. This process was traditionally undertaken every 5 years although the existing Revaluation is now projected to continue for 4 years, with government proposals for 3 yearly subsquent revaluations.. 

The current national Revaluation took effect in April 2017, based on hypothetical rental values in 2015. The predicted national change in rateable value is expected to remain broadly the same although there will be significant spikes, both upwards and down to reflect individual locations.

Of course, the amount the VOA thinks you should pay isn't necessarily as low as it might be: the charge you receive is their interpretation of the information they have collected. Many companies may therefore be paying too much; this is where The Beattie Partnership can help. Where an official assessment will be quite generalised, based on overall (and usually upward) trends, we recognise the uniqueness of your property, and we'll do everything we can to reduce your rates liability.

The way you use your premises, the rents payable, the way your business has changed in recent times, the surrounding areas... all these factors, and many more, have an impact on what you should really be paying. Our experience as Chartered Surveyors with many years' practicing in the rating sector has enabled us to develop unique approaches.

Armed with the information we gather, we can challenge the current assessments, and fight for a reduction in your rateable value. Our diligent team will also look at every area of your business to keep your rates as low as possible and it may be we will identify further opportunities for savings through the constantly changing reliefs and exemptions that may apply.

We have also developed bespoke in-house software that monitors changes in your properties and helps us assess how these changes can influence an organisation's potential rates liability.

On average, we reduce our clients' rating valuations by £20,000.
Which isn’t very average at all.