Commercial surveying services from the Beattie Partnership


As the name suggests, dilapidations are the issues surrounding disrepair on a rental property; more specifically, the “wear and tear” on a property outside the limits of a lease. Many companies tend to carry out limited repairs during the lifetime of their lease and don’t realise many of their alterations need removing at the lease termination. It sounds straightforward – if you don't look after the property, you are liable for the repairs – but this area of commercial property management is a complex and potentially costly one.

In most cases, a dilapidations claim is brought about by the landlord at the point of a tenant leaving their premises or renewing their lease; the outcome of the case, and the charges the tenant may have to pay to their landlord, can often influence the tenant's overall long-term strategy. For this reason it's essential that you have a clear picture of your responsibilities as a corporate tenant. In all too many cases, landlords have a disproportionate advantage over their tenants so by the time they bring about a dilapidations claim, the tenant is immediately on the back foot.

The Beattie Partnership's expert surveyors will examine all areas of your business premises, and how you use them. From there, we'll work to establish ways in which you can minimise your dilapidations liability. What condition were your premises in when you moved in? What commitments are made in your lease? When it comes down to brass tacks, what are you required to do, and what's subject to negotiation? We'll look at everything that's relevant, and go the extra mile to reduce your costs wherever possible.