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Council Tax

Everyone will be familiar with Council Tax as we all have to pay it! However, our advice in relation to Council Tax is not for Acacia Avenue but in relation to clients mainly in the boarding schools sector, although there could be implications for Estates, Hospitals, Care Homes and possibly some Housing Associations.

Our advice falls into three main areas:-

1. Bandings and Reliefs - we can review the Bandings for houses, flats and self-contained bedsits within boarding schools where the liabilities can often be vast as they don’t receive any mandatory relief, compared with business rates. We can also review the reliefs that have been granted to ensure they are in line with your actual occupations. In some cases savings can be backdated as far as 1991!

2. Reconfigure Bandings - it can be beneficial to reconfigure the Bandings of accommodation within a school and we have had success relating to the boundaries between housemaster/mistress and pupil accommodation. We have also been running test cases to improve the Council Tax position and although probably more for the medium to long term, this shows our determination to secure savings for our Clients in this sector.

3. Rates Management - we have enhanced our software with the addition of a Council Tax audit module to manage the payments and reliefs to which a school is entitled but doesn’t always receive. This provides a facility which stores the requisite information conveniently to liaise more easily with the authorities, and we also estimate that many schools will see a reduction in the amount they pay in Council Tax, of between 5%-8%. The system updates the local authority on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the size of the School and personal preferences.

You can even elect to have Demand notices sent to us for approval, to reconcile on your behalf and advise you accordingly.

If you are interested, please email - you can read up on Don on our Meet The Team page.