Commercial surveying services from the Beattie Partnership

Corporate Property Advice

Saving money on commercial property isn't just a case of buying at a low price and selling at a high one. There are plenty of ways to improve your bottom line, and these can arise in ways you might not expect. The Beattie Partnership's vast experience in advising all kinds of corporate organisations allows us to see opportunities in all areas of property and property related matters.

A key element of our service lies in our understanding of strategy, and how a few smart moves can propel your profits skywards. This is business, after all, and there's always more than one way to meet a challenge.

Time and again, we meet with clients who want to move to larger premises. “We want to expand, so we need bigger offices,” they tell us. Simple solution, you might think – buy bigger premises, knock the price down aggressively at the point of purchase, and move in. Money saved, job done. Wrong.

In so many cases, businesses take the expansion idea too literally, and focus solely on getting some larger premises. But with larger premises come larger overheads and larger responsibilities, and that's without the associated financial and logistical headaches of relocating a business. It might seem like the obvious solution, but upping sticks in this way can seriously hamper a company's development, leaving it vulnerable – not the ideal situation an “expanding” business wants to find itself in.

Less really can be more

More often than not, businesses can be just as comfortable making better use of their existing space, getting more out of what they've already got. Managing space more efficiently and re-allocating areas of an office building in new ways can enable a business to flourish without resorting to the hassle, expense and inconvenience of moving lock, stock and barrel to new premises.

Perhaps this isn't the kind of advice you'd expect from a commercial surveying firm, but at The Beattie Partnership we recognise that the most obvious solution isn't always the best one, but it can certainly be the most lucrative one. Whatever property situation your organisation is in, we will take the time to find out about your overall long-term strategy. From there, we'll devise solutions that lay firm foundations for profitable and healthy long-term business growth.