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Estates Reviews

Estates reviews represent a large-scale combination of all our skills. All estates vary in shape, size, value and ownership, so no two solutions are the same - and nor are two solutions. At The Beattie Partnership we understand the complex relationships between the various resources and services that can be attached to an estate, and this means we can maximise each individual element and so enhance the bottom line.Estates reviews from the Beattie Partnership

Many school estates have a mix of old and new buildings - have you considered what each one really means to the estate as a whole? Could any of them be sold off or converted, so as to add value? Looking a little wider, could any of the land itself be sold off in order to realise some capital? These are controversial questions for estate managers to answer, but part of our role is to look ahead on your behalf, to reduce costs and work pro-actively to enhance the estate’s performance.

As well as looking at an estate’s assets, our estates review service includes a detailed assessment of expenditure. Utilities, waste management, cleaning and janitorial costs, and catering are often subject to overspend: we look at alternative options which can prove more cost-effective.

Our service also includes the production of detailed CAD and PDF plans of an estate property. Existing plans may be out of date and lacking in necessary detail; The Beattie Partnership can update these to reflect modifications made to buildings, as well as producing specialised elevations and room plans for purposes of fire planning and furniture layouts.

More details on our estates review services can be found on our Education page.