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Environmental Services

The Beattie Partnership’s keen awareness of how the running of a building or estate impacts on the environment has led to the creation of our Environmental Compliance - Energy Savings service, or ECES. Combining an in-depth assessment of the way your current energy, water and waste management is handled, with practical advice on regulation compliance and cost reduction, this forward-thinking service ensures that an estate or property can be run efficiency and with a clear conscience.

The ECES service comprises a one-day site review of your current energy and water usage, covering elements such as waste legal compliance and cost efficiency, as well as an environmental compliance inspection. These aren’t optional extras that may have negligible impact on your site; they can represent major costs - and might therefore be subject to major reductions if addressed correctly.

Energy usage is obviously a key element in your property’s environmental impact, and many questions need to be answered. Who are your suppliers? Where are the controls? Where is the most significant usage occurring? Similarly, the water supply may not be as efficient as you think it is, and the possibility of recycling water could be an important option to consider.

Numerous other points are covered in our ECES assessment. The “green” impact of your property will be investigated, from potential pollution right through to bird nesting and plant growth - all of which goes to ensure your property plays a productive role in its wider landscape. Health and safety is also involved, with particular notice paid to issues of accessibility, road safety, parking and bicycle storage. A comprehensive overview, combined with attention to every detail: these are the hallmarks of our ECES service, which is usually focused on our Education clients but whose principles are universal.

Environmental services from The Beattie Partnership