Added Value Services

We recognise and appreciate the strong loyalty that we have generated with our school clients over the years.
We often get asked if we offer additional services, therefore we have teamed up with some partner providers to offer you additional services that we believe have a strong synergy with our property based services. If you are interested in a service not listed here, please let us know and we will see if we can offer assistance.
If you would like an introduction to any of the services listed below, please simply fill in the box below and we will introduce you to someone who will contact you to discuss further.

An RCA’s is not a building valuation but an assessment to the potential cost of demolishing and rebuilding a structure subject to a catastrophic event.

Insurance costs are becoming an ever-greater burden on businesses and institutions.  Our surveyors can undertake a professional assessment of reinstatement costs that will allow you to purchase insurance to the correct level for your needs.

It will also identify if you are under insured or even over insured with your existing policy.

Reinstatement Cost Assessment for Insurances Purposes

Most leases are entered into and forgotten about, particularly if they are agreed over a very long-term. However, the terms of leases can have a significant financial and business impact, not only during the term of the lease, but when it is transferred, expires, or is renewed.

Each clause within a lease will place a specific liability on an occupier, or landlord, that will affect them for the duration of the term. Onerous repairing obligations can be expensive to comply with, not only during the term but, for example, on expiry when dilapidations are assessed.

Leases can also be subject to interim notices, at any time during the period of the lease, where a landlord can enforce repairing obligations upon the tenant to ensure their assets are maintained. In such instances, most clients are generally unprepared for or are unaware of their obligation under lease and have not budgeted accordingly to ensure compliance.

Our consultants can provide a review of your lease and provide strategic advice how to best ensure compliance including long term budgeting through undertaking Condition Surveys and/or PPM’s (see below).

Lease Reviews

It is a statutory requirement to have structurally safe buildings. School buildings should be inspected periodically to check for damage, the nature and frequency of inspection will depend on the use of the building along with the construction type. Generally, this should not be more than 5-year intervals.

A condition survey is detailed assessment of the property assets to inform you of the physical condition of the property at a moment in time. This standalone assessment can also be expanded/developed into Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) that provides a database of information identifying maintenance and repair work, and the time scales for undertaking that work and thereby permitting budgeting , the assessment of compliance and strategic planning.

A PPM survey will also minimise any unexpected reactive costs, ensuring controlled budgeting and management of your property assets. These surveys usually project over 5 to 10 years but can be extended to cover 25 years providing long-term forecasting.

Our consultants can prepare condition surveys and/or planned preventative maintenance schedules to enable budgeting and efficient and economic implementation of repairs, ensure compliance and allow you to maintain your asset value in the most beneficial way.

Condition Surveys & Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedules

Based on the results of Salford University’s HEAD Project (Holistic Evidence and Design) funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council,  clear evidence has been found that well designed primary schools boost children’s academic performance in reading writing and maths.

Our consultants have extensive experience working with schools (including working client side) in developing aspirations through extending and refurbishment of educational premises.

They can undertake feasibility studies, including space planning through to full design and contract administration services and/or perform role of the clients Employers Agent/Project Manager to deliver schemes where a design team has already been appointed.

Refurbishment and Extension

All school staff and pupils must be able to work in a safe and secure environment.  Whilst schools continue to be amongst the safest places, no school can afford to ignore the potential threat of, and impact arising from, security related issues, such as vandalism and arson, burglary or more serious incidents involving knife crime or terrorist attacks.

Schools should as part of their security policy be undertaking reviews & reporting annually on this matter.  Our consultants can help in the review of the physical aspects of your estates security undertaking an audit of perimeter fencing & landscaping, access control, alarm systems, security lighting, surveillance systems and vulnerability/security levels of existing doors & windows to resist forced entry.

Such Audits can also be in undertaken in conjunction with condition/ppm surveys.  We can help in identifying any issues and recommend solutions that are proportionate to the risk/threat whilst reflect the balance between maintaining an open and welcoming environment for pupils, parents and the wider community.

School Security Audits
As these are separate businesses to ourselves we would still recommend that you carry out your own due diligence to satisfy yourselves of their offering and suitability to your organisation, prior to engagement.
We are of course on hand to offer any assistance and guidance should you require.