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An Ode to The Beattie Partnership

By April 16, 2024 April 18th, 2024 No Comments

On 18th April 1994 The Beattie Partnership was founded by a very youthful Don Beattie. In fact, we used to joke in the early days that ‘old man Beattie’ set the practice up to poke a joke at our youthful beginnings! It was a very brave move as Don dodged the anticipated destiny of big firm politics! However, his destiny and working life lay elsewhere!

I joined a month later after completing my professional exams, inspired by a mentor figure (Don) and the excitement of finding our own path.

The early years were not easy to say the least as we battled to find our way amongst the already established surveying practices in Manchester. However, we made some good opportunities in Lancashire and I was often navigating the streets of Accrington and Blackburn complete with my A to Z’s.

Around the mid 90’s we received a referral to a group of schools, and this ultimately has proved to be a turning point as we cultivated a new area that at the time was relatively untouched. And wow some of the buildings are incredible. I’ll always remember the day I drove up to Stowe School. One School led to ten that led to 600!

Although the education sector represents a significant part of our business, including independent schools, colleges and special needs schools, we also work with many other tremendous clients, including national retailers, conventional business properties, developers and the hospitality sector, working across the length and breadth of the Country.

Don and I have totally opposite skillsets however we have been bound by 100% trust, cultivating longstanding relationships, and always wanting to do the best for our Clients. Listening and communication have also proved to be a significant element over the years and is why our strap line is ‘results through collaboration’.

It always seems surprising to people outside of the business rates arena, how we can develop such a passion for business rates. However, the driving force for this passion has been, and continues to be, the combination of innovation alongside the identification of unique savings opportunities.

There have been numerous what if moments, good and bad, but what I’ve learnt is that you must plough on regardless and timing is everything!

Friendship and professionalism has been, and will always continue to be, vital for our future. Many happy returns TBP!

Paul Giness, Director

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