Case Studies


Heythrop College

Heythrop College, Kensington

Heythrop College is a university college located in Kensington, London. Our appeal centered around whether the University should be valued on a rentalised basis or on a Contractor’s basis.

We represented Heythrop College in negotiation and discussions throughout the entire appeals process.

Wells Cathedral School

Wells Cathedral School, Somerset

Wells Cathedral School instructed us to review their Council Tax along with their business rates.

We reviewed both of these liabilities and investigated possible reductions. Our experience led us to believe that some accommodation at the School should have further investigation.

Fairley House School

Fairley House School, London

Dealing with the business rating for Fairley House School required specific expertise of handling schools with children with special needs.

Through our experience of working across the education sector, we have often identified alternative routes to savings for our clients.

We have worked on all sites for the school resulting is total savings exceeding £35,000.

Bolton School, Bolton

We have worked for Bolton School almost since our own firm’s foundation and our relationship stretches back to 1995   Bolton School is a substantial co-educational school with nursery, infant, junior and senior Schools.  The buildings are very impressive and there are strong historic links to Lord Leverhulme.

The School also has a variety of different buildings, all of which need attention at least for each Revaluation period as the Estate is upgraded.

Kimbolton School

Kimbolton School, Cambridgeshire

Educational establishments always need to keep an eye on the bottom line – it’s essential that expenses are kept to a minimum wherever possible. However, this highly specialised area is difficult to monitor and can, over time, become a significant hidden cost.

Kimbolton School have engaged The Beattie Partnership to review their business rates liabilities since the 2000 revaluation period. With over 30 years of experience in the field, our team have been able to consistently reduce the rateable values following negotiatiions with the Valuation Officer and secure a series of reductions, most recently totalling over £28,000.

Stockport Grammar School

Stockport Grammar School, Cheshire

The many demands placed on academic staff and school governors mean that it can be difficult to keep up with the everyday essentials of running a school, let alone spending time trying to save money on business rates liability.

The high standards upheld by Stockport Grammar School deserved a high standard of service, as well as excellent results. The Beattie Partnership’s experience in identifying savings opportunities, coupled with our tenacious approach to negotiations, meant that we were able to secure savings which, after mandatory relief, amounted to over £30,000.


Business Centres

Business Centres

When dealing with the business rates for business centres and serviced offices, we were able to demonstrate that a business centre is a different mode and category of occupation.

Although this sounds rather technical, it could have wide implications for other business centres and even alternative businesses, for example, where the rent is lower than the prevailing tone for that area, but the landlord appreciates they are needed as a part of a balanced tenant mix.

Pareto Law

Pareto Law, Cheshire

Pareto operate a successful business within Sales Recruitment, Sales Training, Executive Recruitment and Sales Development.  Some of their business activity involves residential courses and this created an interesting rating dynamic with a modern office aligned with domestic/hotel style accommodation.

Our team appealed the rating assessment for the head office site, analysed the best methodology and successfully negotiated savings of £75,000.


Rhode Island

Rhode Island Coffee

A key element in enabling The Beattie Partnership to effectively evaluate a property lies in comparing it to similar premises in the locality: by looking at equivalent premises, we can often get a head-start in our task. In the case of cafes, however, this is so often not possible, as it is rare to find several such businesses in close proximity to one another.

When Rhode Island Coffee asked us to review their property portfolio, we were faced with this very same challenge. We were able to gain a real insight into the challenges facing Rhode Island Coffee and secure total actual savings of over £42,000.

Old Thorns Hotel

Old Thorns Hotel, Hampshire

Leisure accommodation is typically valued for business rates purposes based on a Receipts (turnover) basis.

Our specialist rating valuers who work extensively in this sector analysed the accounts compared with the hypothetical occupier and discussed additional reductions in the assessment due to their comprehensive redevelopment programme.

Savings through the rating list period exceeded £60,000.