Rhode Island Coffee

The Challenge

Rhode Island Coffee instructed us to review their property portfolio during the prior rating revaluations. Following our reviews we have been able to achieve considerable savings on their behalf.

The Solution

We surveyed the properties using our extensive knowledge of shops and premises. The valuation of cafes is more challenging due to potential for valuing on different bases and the different layout from a conventional shop.

The Result

Negotiations with Valuation Officers across the sites lead to reduction in their rateable values for Rhode Island Coffee with total actual savings over a revaluation period of over £42,000.

Rateable Value Savings Summary

Value before


Value after




* Actual savings during revaluation as a result of rating list reductions

“Beattie’s have consistently performed in saving money off the rating assessments of our shops and we look forward to continuing results.”

Raj Ruia, Managing Director, Rhode Island Coffee