Commercial Property

A clear and collaborative focus
bringing measurable results
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The Beattie Partnership was founded on the basis that corporate organisations need specialist business rates advice, as this can often be an overlooked area following all the other difficulties related to leasing premises.

Our advice to commercial ratepayers is a significant service area for us across England and Wales together with the education sector. Our experienced team is technically competent with legislation and changing market conditions.

First and foremost, we’re passionate about enabling our clients to save money. It is our belief that every organisation deserves fair treatment when it comes to paying business rates and Council Tax.

Trust in us

The Beattie Partnership have worked for clients at the highest levels of the commercial world, including a leading construction services company, a national retailer, a national press company and global service businesses.

Our meticulous attention to detail and innovative approach has ensured extensive savings across a range of properties including those with no demand, those undergoing redevelopment and properties that have changed their core use.

Who we are

We are a specialist rating practice offering bespoke business rates advice to our clients. We are confident that we are ahead of the curve in developing solutions for clients that work with the new system.

What we stand for

Whatever our client’s situation we will offer pragmatic and clear advice on scope for savings and keep clients involvement to a minimum, unless desired.

How can we help?

We are happy to have a ‘no obligation’ chat with any ratepayer to determine if we think we can help you. It is likely we will need to ask for some basic rates and rental details from you, where appropriate, in order to provide some initial honest feedback on scope to progress.

The Beattie Partnership Commercial Clients

Case Studies

Business Centres

Business Centres

When dealing with the business rates for business centres and serviced offices, it helps to understand the history behind a building’s letting history and the circumstances that gave rise to the letting within the economic cycle.  As can be noted from the successful case outcome here, the location of the business centre in relation to the central business district and key transport routes could also be a factor.

In this case, we were able to demonstrate that a business centre is a different mode and category of occupation.  Although this sounds rather technical, it could have wide implications for other business centres and even alternative businesses, for example, where the rent is lower than the prevailing tone for that area, but the landlord appreciates they are needed as a part of a balanced tenant mix.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Coffee

A key element in enabling The Beattie Partnership to effectively evaluate a property lies in comparing it to similar premises in the locality: by looking at equivalent premises, we can often get a head-start in our task. In the case of cafes, however, this is so often not possible, as it is rare to find several such businesses in close proximity to one another.

When Rhode Island Coffee asked us to review their property portfolio, we were faced with this very same challenge.

We were able to gain a real insight into the challenges facing Rhode Island Coffee and secure total actual savings of over £42,000.

Pareto Law

Pareto Law, Cheshire

Pareto operate a successful business within Sales Recruitment, Sales Training, Executive Recruitment and Sales Development.  Some of their business activity involves residential courses and this created an interesting rating dynamic with a modern office aligned with domestic/hotel style accommodation.

Our team appealed the rating assessment for the head office site, analysed the best methodology and successfully negotiated savings of £75,000.

Old Thorns Hotel

Old Thorns Hotel, Hampshire

Leisure accommodation is typically valued for business rates purposes based on a Receipts (turnover) basis.

Our specialist rating valuers who work extensively in this sector analysed the accounts compared with the hypothetical occupier and discussed additional reductions in the assessment due to their comprehensive redevelopment programme. Savings through the rating list period exceeded £60,000.