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Why 1 April 2019 is Significant for Business Rates

In the business rates calendar, 1 April 2019 promises to be a significant date, for several reasons: in last year’s Autumn Budget, the Chancellor announced a new retail discount schemefor eligible…

Is Your Holiday Home a Costly Cottage Industry?

A few years back, there were headline news stories of people “flipping” their second homes to avoid paying tax on the sale. This switch in use allowed owners of second homes to…

Split Decisions: Will Multi-Space Occupiers Pay Less Rates?

At one time, some businesses occupying more than one property unit in a building shared with other businesses could expect to receive a single rates bill. This long-established practice applied where…

Will Business Rates Deter International Retailers?

What is the biggest barrier to overseas investment in the UK’s retail sector? You might think Brexit might have something to do with it, and certainly there are uncertain times…

Commercial Property: Why is Size Not Important?

Are you looking at commercial property, with a view to expanding your business?  If so, it is important that you take the time to assess what you already have and set…

How Will the Draft Rating List Impact Your Business?

There will be changes when the new business rates come into effect on 1 April 2017. Early indicators show big increases in London and reductions in other regions.  But there are also differences in sectors….

Why Shouldn’t You Avoid the Draft Rating List

If the forthcoming 2017 Rating Revaluation has seemed a bit abstract, the recent publication of the draft Rating List for England and Wales will make it appear much more defined. The List…

Schools and Rates: How Can Masterplanning Help?

With the 2017 Rating Revaluation on the horizon, the challenge to schools is to ensure that their rateable values – and the rates they pay – accurately reflect the condition…

Will Business Rates Bring On the Brexit Blues?

Britain’s economic future feels uncertain following the Brexit vote, and whether you voted leave or remain, this uncertainty will have knock-on effects in the short-term at least. Commercial landlord Great Portland…

How Can Heritage Impact on School Business Rates?

Work is well underway for the 2017 rating revaluation, and there are a number of key issues that the education sector should consider when it comes to listed school buildings. Problems That Come…