Business Water Costs

Providing clear solutions for business water and wastewater 
to help you save money and obtain rebates from your current water retailer

Ever wondered if you’re being charged correctly?

Can’t understand confusing billing methods?

Unsure if you’re using the ‘right’ amount of water?

This is where Beattie partnership can help – we provide an independent forensic audit of your current situation.

Our advice will help you to save money, obtain possible rebates and get a better retail service.

Who we are

We are a boutique Chartered Surveying practice offering specialist property services. We recognise that our clients occasionally require corporate property advice beyond business rates advice and we can often recommend solutions for you.

What we stand for

We value our relationships with our clients and recognise that in today’s complex and fast changing world your property requirements might change.

How can we help?

Please contact us if you have any queries regarding your water or wastewater rates. One of our expert consultants can talk with you on a ‘no obligation’ basis.


Traditional water invoices are difficult to access and understand, and as a result many businesses just stick with their regular supplier.

Some of the most common factors play a part in deciding how efficient your water consumption is, and ultimately how much you pay:

Water meter sizing

Is your meter oversized for your current consumption requirements and consequently are you paying too much in standing charges?

Wastage, Leaks & Bursts

What are your patterns of consumption and how does it compare to your peers, are you losing water (& cash)?

Water in the Process

Is water used in your process, does it leave the process cycle as steam or product; and therefore does your effluent charge fully reflect this “loss”?

Flow Controls

Is there an opportunity to fit flow regulation devices: push taps, PIR operated cisternmisers, cistern dams, shower regulators, water aeration devices etc?

Rain Water Harvesting

Can you utilise a free product (i.e. rainfall); is there an opportunity to use this water instead of mains water?

Surface Water Drainage

Can the drainage network be changed to improve the environment and cut costs by diverting water away from the public sewer network?

Education & Environmental Responsibility

Can you implement an educational scheme to reduce consumption and help the environment by reducing the UK’s carbon emissions?

What does this all cost to review?

Initial consultations from The Beattie Partnership are all undertaken on a ‘no saving, no fee’ basis. So there is no risk to you.

Our specialist consultants will carry out a free independent evaluation of your business’s existing water charges to identify how we can make savings and/or achieve refunds.

Why use us?

The Beattie Partnership has many years’ experience in analysing water utility data from a wide variety of business types.

Our specialist expertise is used to analyse client’s data, identifying any billing anomalies through to inefficiencies in water consumption. We will visit sites and collate any further data with the result leading to savings in water & effluent costs.

If you would like more information on our water rates advice, please contact our team who will gladly help.

Business Water Rates