Time to Review Heating Oil Costs in Education

Why now is the right time to
reduce energy, save money, and help the environment

We are now well into winter, which means educational buildings are increasingly turning up the thermostats to keep students and teachers warm. Cold winters inevitably result in higher fuel bills, and the longer the winter the higher the cost for education establishments.

For most businesses and residential homes who are on the gas grid, gas and electricity prices are at fixed agreements with little flexibility within contract.

For education facilities that depend on oil-fired heating systems however, heating oils tend to be procured on a ‘spot price’ basis. This means users are often left vulnerable to potential increase in prices based on demand.

Heating is usually the largest and most expensive energy user in a school.

Key facts about Oil Heating

• Nearly 60% of education establishments use fossil fuels as a primary heating source, which includes oil-fired heating systems.

• Improving energy efficiency in schools does not mean compromising the comfort of staff and students. In many cases, implementing some simple energy saving measures actually improves conditions, as well as saving money.

• Education is an often overlooked category when it comes to Heating Oils & LPG projects, but spend on Heating Oils & LPG does not have to be high to generate significant savings.

How we can help you save money

Our fuel experts have years of experience in negotiating heating oil prices and a solid track record of producing results for education establishments across the country.

Fuel specialist Duncan Rogers says:

“We find that fuel pricing can be very difficult for clients to manage, and is apparently driven by smoke and mirrors tactics that suppliers use to confuse users. Any increase in demand can result in margin enhancement, and users have no measure as to whether best value is being obtained when placing orders.

Reviewing this situation now ensures that exposure to enhanced price increases is reduced, whilst enjoying the full benefits of any subsequent price reduction when prices fall in future.”

For more information on how we can help save you money on your oil-heating systems, click on the button below.

Why should you act now?

With the uncertainty around the current political climate driving a surge in oil prices, and the winter chill showing no end in sight, many of our clients face the inevitable – higher fuel bills, and the longer the winter, the higher the cost. With that in mind, there has never been a better time for us to review your spend and advise you as to whether there are savings to be made.

With our fuel expert recently securing savings of 50% on LPG and 12% on Heating Oil for an Independent school, why wait?

Who we are

We are market leaders in valuing educational sites for business rates and Council Tax purposes, working closely with the Valuation Office Agency within a small invited team of surveyors to determine a framework to reduce the rateable values for our clients.

What we stand for

Over many years, we have enhanced our expertise in the education sector, often pushing the boundaries of traditional rating practice, to obtain results that many other practices just didn’t even think of. We are constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to save our clients’ money.

How can we help?

If you are a school with a rates bill, receiving mandatory relief or not, and/or if you are paying Council Tax particularly as a boarding school, we would welcome the opportunity to review your spends on a ‘no obligation’ basis.