Save Money on Costly Printer and Copier Contracts

Reduce costs and optimise equipment
with timely advice on printer and copier contracts

Trying to source the perfect printer and copier service agreements can be both time consuming and costly. The initial cost savings of leasing managed print solutions can often be undone with unforeseen costs such as unsuitable print requirements, or ageing equipment that is unfit for purpose.

We understand it is the Bursar’s role to ensure that finances are utilised in the most efficient manner in support of excellent teaching and learning. Contract renewals and initiations for print and copier hardware form part of the role, and can be a potentially time-consuming and difficult exercise.

The Beattie Partnership are passionate in helping educational establishments to generate ongoing savings. Part of this process includes leveraging with many print management suppliers where we negotiate improved terms, and often more reliable hardware.

We can take care of the entire tender process, and generally the earlier we are involved in a contract renewal or initiation the better.

In our experience, the sad truth is that print and copier contracts are often deeply unfair and stacked in favour of the supplier, rather than you, the paying customer.

Photocopier solutions

Top marks as The Beattie Partnership make great savings for Davenies School, Buckinghamshire

Caroline Purdom, Bursar at Davenies School, highlighted concern over service levels and outdated systems regarding several key areas of the school operations – one of which was photocopiers.

After ourinitial reviews, we discovered the school was being overcharged for consumables and we helped to reduce costs by over £10,000. In our two year contracted period we helped to transform services and support in key areas of the school, secured significant cost-savings, and reduced time spent by Caroline and her team in dealing with poor performing contractors.

The Beattie Partnership has continued to work with the school providing ongoing services as they appreciate the value in which we provide. Indeed, the Bursar left the school to join another school and has since engaged with us in the Managed Print project work.

How we can help you save money

Our print management specialists have years of experience in negotiating copier service agreements, for education establishments across the country.

Andrew Kinnear, our photocopier specialist, has over 25 years’ experience in the printer and copier industry and as a former supplier himself, knows all the tricks of the trade.

His wealth of experience means he can give you jargon free advice that helps to protect your position and optimise your contract with any supplier. Andrew can unravel the complexities of rental agreements with total impartiality and transparency, giving you peace of mind knowing that we operate in your best interest.

This all means reduced costs for your school and frees up your time to concentrate on other aspects of your job.

Why should you act now?

With so many options when it comes to photocopier rentals, why not have a specialist at hand to assist in making the correct choice when it comes to your photocopier?

With our photocopier specialist being a former supplier himself, he knows first-hand just how the end-user can often be lumbered with outdated and unfit for purpose equipment that is a time consuming process to re-visit. Our specialist will delve into the intricacies surrounding rental agreements, and having recently secured savings of over £10,000, why wait?

Who we are

We are market leaders in valuing educational sites for business rates and Council Tax purposes, working closely with the Valuation Office Agency within a small invited team of surveyors to determine a framework to reduce the rateable values for our clients.

What we stand for

Over many years, we have enhanced our expertise in the education sector, often pushing the boundaries of traditional rating practice, to obtain results that many other practices just didn’t even think of. We are constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to save our clients’ money.

How can we help?

If you are a school with a rates bill, receiving mandatory relief or not, and/or if you are paying Council Tax particularly as a boarding school, we would welcome the opportunity to review your spends on a ‘no obligation’ basis.